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A "Groovy Little Thing"..........
........Steele Point Estate, British Virgin Islands

Music The song "Groovy Little Thing", by Beres Hammond
Video A Sneak Peak inside Steele Point Estate

"She just loves this 'Groovy Little Thing' we got going.....and it will last long as our hearts are beating........"
    --Beres Hammond (from the song 'Groovy Little Thing')


If you read my blog, you know by I have a fondness for the British Virgin Islands ever since my visit, I've been holding off on writing something on my ultimate, "When I become a multi-millionaire", perfect-for-me , British Virgin Islands property, that being Steele Point Estate.

As stupid as it sounds, I can't do a feature article until I find the right song. After all, I'm no longer just an "egghead" nutrition scientist blogger. I'm an artist now!!! {chuckle}. My web presentations have to be just right, my readers deserve a treat for the senses, and my music in my blog is basically the "Soundtrack of My Life", every song I've ever loved, the ones I play endlessly, my only "true friends". Anyhooz, this song called "Groovy Little Thing" instantly became my favorite of what I call, "Easy Reggae" songs, from the first time I heard it, so now is the time to knock out the long awaited Steele Point article.

Steele Point sits majestically on a peninsula at the very Western tip of Tortola, the main island of the BVI. And, using a line I heard in that "Pride and Prejudice" mini series, there's such "a fine Prospect" of the surrounding water and islands (BTW, "a fine Prospect" is "a fine view", knucleheads!!!)

No disrespect to the owners or builders, because Steele Point literally is my favorite piece of land in all the world, but if I were billionaire, I would literally bulldoze the house and start anew, in that Steel Point, built back in the 70's I think, has a somewhat "rickety and rustic" wooden look that is not my groove. Here is
a photo of the style of my dream tropical home design , F.Y.I. My new Steele point would be "Green" with solar power and all the rest.

The perfect piece of land for my "ultimate bedroom", which I intend to name "Three Sides Live", in that the bedroom would have amazing views overlooking the crashing waves on three sides, a treat to wake up to. With glass floor beneath the bed to see the rocks and waves ...and I'm suing anybody that steals my idea, although I stole it from someone else :)

And let me express I'm not totally "Wanderlusting" and daydreaming here, I fully expect to become a multi-millionaire, I have the skills, and the knowledge to make it happen, and just it so happens that
Steele Point is now for sale for a meager $15 million ($25 million if you include the other villas on the 8 acre peninsula).

So when my financial ship comes in, if Steele Point is still for sale, it's gonna be one hell of a decision between Steele Point Estate, and
my other fav' Virgin Islands Community, Oil Nut Bay

......but, if I have to make that choice, the game is already won, and I'm already "Groovy" at that point.


A "Groovy Little" Caribbean Lunch


Tropical Bowl (click photo below for recipe)                                                                                                              Mango Chicken Salad Sandwich (I'd make my own healthy mayo) click photo for recipe


Tropical Fruit Cups (click photo below for recipe)                                                                       Mango Shrimp Summer Rolls (click photo below for recipe)


Smoked Mango and Avocado Salsa (click photo below for recipe)                                                                                              Key Lime Margarita (click photo below for recipe)


Papaya, Coconut , and Citrus Popsicles
I'd use
Healthy Coconut Palm Sugar instead of Agave Syrup (Agave is not as healthy as is being promoted), and I'd use full fat coconut milk, not light (click photo below for recipe)


My stupid and "funny to me only" Wanderlusting thoughts when I do these posts always make me chuckle.........

The thought that came to me for this post was, if I lived at Steele Point, there would be the inevitable experience of some lovely lady waking up at Steel Point with me (note to self: buy the villa, and they will come!!!) after all night romance, wearing one of my oversized football jerseys, round about 2PM, she finally "straggles" out of bed (still cute even with hair all messed up) she comes over to the outdoor kitchen where I have been cooking and "easy reggae-ing" for two hours while she slept.

I wanna say something smooth like, "Good morning, I mean, good afternoon, I'm sure you're hungry, I'm not sure what you wanted to eat, so I figured I'd cook everything I had in the house"

..................yep,  Groovy!!! :)

~stay healthy~



"Sail Forth. Steer for the deep waters only. Reckless O soul, exploring. I with thee and thou with me. For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared go. And we will risk the ship, ourselves, and all." --Walt Whitman

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