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The Walk

On the Menu Dinners for a Frenchman in New York
Video Scenes from the movie, "The Walk"

"It's impossible........but I'll do it!!!"
    --Joseph Gordon-Levitt


I'm finding I only feel like putting out a "Dinner and Movie" every blue moon at this point, because so little coming out of Hollywood has been inspiring me lately.

But,  I got a gift when just flicking channels, and ran across this movie about 3 minutes from the beginning, and I only kept watching because the remote wasn't nearby and I was on the computer, the movie was in essence a "screen saver", or background noise. Ten more minutes in, I felt the need to turn off the computer and check this out.

....and it instantly became a personal fav' that truly inspired me, I'll explain why later.

I actually remember when the real life incident happened back in 1974, I remember being mesmerized by the whole thing, just gawking at the TV, awestruck, but not knowing why until last week, when pondering in my sleep after watching, why I loved this movie. P.S. the more afraid of heights you are the better this movie is!

The short of the story is, this Frenchman, Philippe Petit, tightroped across the World Trade Centers in 1974, after a "coup" as they call it, to illegally sneak into the buildings with his accomplices, set up the wire, and make "The Walk". In case you're wondering, they shot an arrow across, with fishing line attached, to start pulling heavier ropes.

Most of the movie before the actual "Walk", is the zany planning, and a warmhearted French style romance (for a dude like me who loves everything French). I don't know if it was the movie, or those 3 Peroni Beers I drank, but there were some non-major scenes and incidents in the movie that had me side-hurting, cracking up laughing.

Damn, if I would have known this would be one of my all time favorite movies, I would have stopped at Whole Foods to shop for some type of "Half-French" meal to amuse myself, as I do from time to time, you know, something that at least sounds French, though probably not authentically French, like dinner for a Frenchman in New York.


Dinners for a Frenchman in New York


(below) Sole Meuniere (Lightly Dusted Fish, Pan Fried)  FRY IN COCONUT OIL ONLY!!!                                           (below) Chicken Chasseur (a.k.a., "Hunter's Chicken)
(click photo below for recipe)                                                                                                                                                                    (click photo below for recipe)   


(below) Homard en Croute (Lobster Pot Pie)  (click photo below for recipe)                                              (below) Pan Bagnat    (Tuna Nicoise Sandwich)         (click photo below for recipe)


(below) Coq au Vin (...a French Classic, Chicken in Red Wine)                                                           below is a video of how to prepare Coq au Vin
(this version is simpler in that it is not marinated overnight)                                                                              ( the video, he does the overnight marinated version)
(Click Photo Below for Recipe)


(below) Salmon en Croute  (click photo below for recipe)                   (below) Beef Bourguignon (click photo below for recipe)



The metaphor I got from this movie may be easy to see, but so easy, many people may ignore it. In the movie, he calls stepping out onto the wire "The Void", meaning, when he steps out there, he sees nothing, hears nothing, thinks nothing, except the wire, the task at hand, the total focus, the total devotion to the goal.

I think some of us like me, are lucky, to have something we want to accomplish with all our heart and soul, and though we are free to turn back, we choose to step out into "The Void", knowing if we accomplish our own "Walk", we accomplish the real reason we were even put on Earth in the first place, we'll find out there in "The Void" the core of our passions, so we have to step out there.....we simply have to, no matter what the risk or how long the drop, because stepping out who we really are.

~stay healthy~

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