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Pretty Woman


On the Menu Those other "slipper little suckers", mussels and frites (sorry, I don't do snails)
Video The Necklace Scene, Pretty Woman Trailer

"I'm not trying to land him, I'm just using him for sex."
    --Julia Roberts


Let get one thing straight before I get into this movie. It's not that I'm overly "sappy" or anything like that so far as watching these so called "chick flicks" are concerned. It's just that, when I was growing up, I thought the guys in these movies were so smooth and cool; all the way back to when I saw Humphrey Bogart in "Sabrina". As soon as I finish this article, I'm going back to watching ESPN Sports Center.

That being said, although I'm not a super big mainstream "Hollywood Movie Machine" kinda dude, but some flicks you like just because you like, for whatever reason. I think with Pretty Woman, I just found it very funny and pure light entertainment. And Richard Gere was "silky smooth" , in the spirit of a modern version of a super smooth Pride and Prejudice Colin Firth. You know, the "I'm so rich, I'm laid back and chilled out" kinda flow.

The biggest two things I love about the movie back in the 90's were the Lotus Esprit Turbo car, and the Gulfstream V private jet. Boys and their toys, you how we are. The Lotus Esprit Turbo was my first sports car love, when all my friends dreamed of a Porsche 944 or a Benz 380SL convertible. I was always daring to be different, even in my vanities. I'm no longer into cars, but the Gulfstream V is still on my wish list. The ability to fly anywhere you want, when you want, that's how I wanna roll. I could think of some "mile high" dates that even Richard Gere would admire. For whatever reason, I find the most irrelevant things super funny, and the dinner scene with the snails was hilarious in its entirety. Even if you look closely at how Julia shakes the guys hands before dinner, it still cracks me up til this day. When she shakes the old guy's hand, like she has no clue how to do a professional formal handshake. She shakes like a man, very aggressive and un-ladylike. Hilarious.

Anyhoo , as mentioned above, I don't do snails. Not my thing. I have always been a fan of mussels, so in this "Dinner and a Movie" episode, I will get as close to snails as I can get, and prepare those other "slippery little suckers", the Belgian treat, Mussels and Frites. BTW, frites is nothing fancy, just French fries.


Mussles & Frits

(Mussels and French Fries)



-- 1 kg fresh mussels
-- 1 large organic onion , peeled and finely chopped
-- 1 large organic shallot , peeled and finely chopped
-- 2 fat organic garlic cloves , peeled and crushed
-- 1 teaspoon chopped fresh organic thyme
-- 1 tablespoon chopped fresh flat-leaf organic parsley
-- 1 tablespoon chopped fresh chervil
-- 50 ml organic virgin olive oil
-- 150 ml dry white wine , such as Muscadet
-- 2 tablespoons creme fraiche, or sour cream (optional)

Frites (or fries/chips)
-- 2 large organic potatoes
-- unrefined organic coconut oil
-- Pink Himalayan Salt

You know how to cook fries.Sprinkle or preferably grind with salt Pink Himalayan Salt Frites immediately after removing from oil.


When I think of it, one of the reasons I really like the movie is that I have always been a fan of movies where the lower classes are thrown into high society.

The interplay between Julia and the hotel manager was quite interesting. The scene where she walks into the clothing store and gets kicked out was interesting, especially after she walks back in and tells the lady she missed a huge commission.

I never knew shopping was that serious.




Pretty Woman Trivia

--The opera Richard Gere takes Julia Roberts to is La Traviata, which is about a prostitute who falls in love with a wealthy man.

--Julia Roberts's head was superimposed on Shelley Michelle's body for the poster. Richard Gere's hair is brown on the poster, but graying in the movie.

--Richard Gere is actually playing the piano. He also composed the piece of music that is played.

--The red coat that Vivian wears was bought for $30 from a movie usher in the street shortly before filming.

--When Edward (Richard Gere) snaps the necklace case down on Vivian's (Julia Roberts) fingers, was improvised by Gere, and Roberts's reaction (laughter) was totally natural. The filmmakers liked it so much, they decided to leave it in.

--Christopher Reeve was originally considered for the Edward Lewis role.

--Al Pacino turned down the role of Barney Thompson.

--The necklace that Vivian wears to the opera really cost $250,000. While filming, a security man from the jewelry store equipped with a gun was constantly standing behind the director.

--According to the DVD director's commentary, the piano key sounds that are made during the lovemaking scene on the piano had to be dubbed in because the actual keys that were randomly hit by Julia and Richard as they did the scene made such a discordant sound that it was unusable in the actual movie.

--While shooting the scene where Vivianne (Julia Roberts) is laying down on the floor of Edward's penthouse, watching old I Love Lucy re-runs, in order to achieve a genuine laughter, Director Garry Marshall had to tickle Roberts's feet (out of camera range) to get her to laugh so hysterically.

--Valeria Golino was originally offered the role of Vivian but turned it down. She was the finalist along with Julia Roberts.

--Disney didn't want Julia Roberts for the role of Vivian, instead they wanted Meg Ryan. Other actresses who were considered for the role of Vivian before Julia Roberts got the part were: Kim Basinger, Kathleen Turner Debra Winger, Geena Davis, Carrie Fisher, Bo Derek, Kelly McGillis, Melanie Griffith, Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer, Madonna, Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Thompson, Rosanna Arquette, Heather Locklear, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Joan Cusack, Phoebe Cates, Elisabeth Shue, Tatum O'Neal, Bridget Fonda, Lori Loughlin, Diane Lane and Justine Bateman.


Ahhhh. That style. That grace. That enchanting appeal. That timeless beauty. Whenever I look, I never fail to become captivated.

.......Oh, and Julia is looking good also.~dw~


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