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Love Jones

On the Menu:  The Love Jones " morning after the romance" Omelet (technically this is breakfast, but work with me here!!!)
Video:   Clips from Love Jones, video on making an omelet
Music:   Music From The Love Jones Soundtrack

"To the woman who helped me reach my level"     --Darius Lovehall's book dedication to Nina

"To the woman who helped me reach my level"     --Doug Wallace (my blog dedication to a special lady, my "kindred spirit" who helped me set my mind free)


Back in the day, in my late 30's, in my "paycheck to paycheck", dead end job days,  I had my real, after work, Friday Night "Dinner and a Movie" dates at home.

I would run to get Chinese food in the South Loop in Chicago, and then run over to pick up a couple of movies, VHS cassettes at that time, one of which was ALWAYS my personal favorite urban classic, "Love Jones".

Love Jones was the first in my sub-genre of what I call "Beautiful Black People Movies", those movies that left the gangsters and drug dealers behind, focusing on, educated, intelligent people of color.


A true Chicago feel from their ride down Lakeshore Drive, to their hanging out at my old stomping grounds, the "Wild Hare" reggae club up by Wrigley, to that cab drive down on Cottage Grove Blvd, to the Floetic open mic poetry bars, the "Steppers Party", and Buckingham Fountain in the first picture above.

I took a walk past the fountain on more than a few dates back in day, long before Darius and Nina immortalized it in this movie. Nina (Nia Long), calls Darius (Larenz Tate) a "Renaissance Black Man", the new breed of well educated modern man into the arts, jazz, poetry, literature, and I have been using the term ever since.

Hell, one of us Renaissance Black Men from (my former hometown) of Chicago is President of the United States now!!!! I'm not sure if the world is ready for us, but here we are, and we're coming strong!!!!!

My classic romance scene in all my movie history includes Darius preparing an omelet for Nina the morning after the romance. Smooth!!! (I've got the movie clip below, lower right ). I think I deserve royalties off this one, because I may not have invented that "after the romance omelet", but I sure as hell brought it into vogue for the new era of the Neo-Renaissance Man. So, this would absolutely have to be the food selection for this piece, the Love Jones "Morning after the Romance" Omelet.


The Love Jones "After the Romance" Omelet

Pasture Raised eggs
Pink Himalayan Salt (AVOID TABLE SALT!!!!!)
Coarse Ground Black Pepper
Grass Fed Cheese of Choice
Organic Coconut Oil (AVOID CANOLA and commercial OILS !!!!!)

Other Toppings and fillings will be personal choice, Try portobello mushrooms, scallions, garnish plate with strawberries, mangoes, get creative, your omelet is your personality. Style points count!!

I don't recommend non stick pans because the coating can be toxic, I use stainless steel or the old school Amberware orange glass pans. Using coconut oil, I have no problem with sticking.

Contrary to perception, and omelet can be an EXTREMELY healthy meal if you avoid the toxic oils, and fake butter, and use the highest quality eggs and dairy.

When you get time, read my article on how I have perfect cholesterol scores in spite of eating 15 to 20 eggs every week for over a year.




Okay, now to address this dedication above to "a special lady and kindred spirit that helped set my mind free". Bottom line is that I met this girl out here on the West Coast, and after a bunch of e-mailing and exactly one phone conversation, I realized all my past relationships, every date, every woman I tried to "get with", was all for naught. Why? Because this woman, through our brief interactions, showed me that I never had any real connection with anyone on any true soulful level, that is, being equally into each others inner visions, goals, aspirations, hopes, dreams, fears, and passions. Looking back, everyone I kicked it with seemed to only care about the real Doug as much as was needed to get that rock on their finger. At least that's how it seemed to me.

My "kindred spirit" as I call her, made me realize that we can spend our whole lives trying to find that "Love Jones", or hope it evolves as the relationship goes by, or hope the marriage counselor can piece it together for us, but in the end, either you get hit with it up front or you don't. So now,  I'm forever free from ever having to think about anyone in the past ever again, because none of them ever gave me that "Jones" as I call it, as much as I tried to have it, or tried to "hammer and chisel" it into reality. So, the joke was on me, but that's cool, no regrets, I'm just happy that I am finally enlightened,  because my "kindred spirit" showed me that there really is a next level "Jones" that is spiritually and soulfully possible. It's only an illusion, until you actually run across it....then your past experiences become an illusion. ~dw~


I was never brave enough to get up and do anything on the Chicago open mic floetic poetry circuit, my writing style was not, and still is not smooth and stylized enough, so it would not have been true to me anyway.

However, anything I do on my blog is true to me, so I will do some "cyber-floetry" here.

Dedicated to my "kindred spirit", that special lady who helped me reach my level. You're my "heart and soul" lady. ~dw~


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