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My Tribute to one of my inspirations,    Nelson Mandela,     1918-2013

On the Menu:  South African Braai (BBQ)
Video:   Scenes from "Invictus",     Making South African Braai ,    The "Braai Anthem" performed by Die Heuwels Fantasties, JR, HHP and the Soweto Gospel Choir

"How do we inspire ourselves to greatness......when nothing else will do?"   
--Morgan Freeman


"Invictus" was on my long list of movies for my "Dinner and a Movie" section, those movies I watch over and over, but after the death of Mandela yesterday, I figured no time like now to honor the man in my own way.

Mandela was an avid boxer, and he once said the "Sports is the best way to bring people together". When he became president, he took that philosophy to the highest level, in using the South African Rugby team, to help unite the country.

For a sports movie, it was very good, not so "cheesy" like most sports movies, and the right level intensity of the political situation playing out through the movie kept me engaged beyond sports.


I knew nothing about rugby at the time of the movie, and perhaps less about the inner turmoil that the New South Africa had (and still has) to go through after Mandela became president, but I walked away from the movie feeling perhaps a little more knowledgeable of the complexity of the world's problems.

...and also , perhaps a little more appreciative of how good we have it over here in the US, in spite of our sometimes seemingly trivial problems relative to the rest of the world

The "eats" for this "Dinner and a Movie" is the so called South African Braai BBQ, it is not so much a recipe or a specific food, it is South Africa's style of open flame barbecue. The cook in the video will show us how to "Braai" some quality beef.


South African Braai (BBQ)


South African Braai

** There is no specific recipe for South African Brai, the Chef above is using garlic, Rosemary, Olive Oil, Pepper, and Salt for his rub

** Make sure you Braai with Grass Fed Beef (I totally avoid commercial meat products)

** I also avoid store bought BBQ sauce because of poor ingredients, here is my recipe for awesome healthy/delicious homemade barbecue sauce



I don't think Mandela wanted us to idolize him "too much". It seems to me, all the great ones of history provoke us to go inside ourselves and find our own "greatness", and not get too absorbed in their experience.....except for the lesson to be taken from it.

Sometimes life feels like a "blur", and trying to make it to my highest potential sometimes seemed like 27 years in a psychological prison.......but now comes my freedom!!!!

~stay healthy~



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