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On the Menu The  "Low Maintenance that thinks it's High Maintenance"  Tilapia
Video   The "When Harry Met Sally" trailer,     the "Fake Orgasm at the Deli" scene

"You're high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance"
     --Billy Crystal


I swear I dated the, "splitting-image" of Meg Ryan back in the mid 90's. Different race, creed, color, body type and all that, but the exact same person. As much as I'm sure most males feel my pain, what made it worse is she loved the movie "When Harry Met Sally", as the ultimate expression of her personality, the celebration of the dreaded "High Maintenance" girl. I mean, maybe it's OK to be high maintenance, but to be proud of it? Nonetheless, I had already knew the plot of this movie before the first time she wanted me to watch it with her, no way would I watch this flick.

After much badgering and whining, I did what any self respecting man in a failing relationship would do, I went and got some beer and wine, and got slightly buzzed (well, more than slightly), just to stomach this movie. Not sure if it was the alcohol, but I was in a "alter-universe" of watching my relationship on screen and found the experience bizzarely funny and enjoyable, like I was caught in the Twilight Zone. Fun stuff!!! 



Within a year, the girl was gone, hey, life is not like the movies, my ex girlfriend's taking and hour and a half to order a sandwich was something that use to make my head wanna explode like that scene from that movie "Scanners". Over the years, I noticed I was watching "When Harry Met Sally" whenever I caught it on the TV, and found myself renting the VHS (that's in the days before DVD's kids) and I realized the further I got from my nightmare of a relationship, the funnier this movie became.

The movie actually became a personal classic of mine, the flick that got the "Ultimate Sports Jock" such as myself to step into the woman's world and get into their "Chick Flick" genre from time to time, for my own amusement. The key for guys, is you have to connect with the male characters. Quite easy after a few beers. You know, after a few drinks, a  smooth super rich Colin Firth in "Pride and Prejudice", becomes the owner of a "Yo' MTV Crib" in which Lizzy, upon seeing Pimberly was saying "I gotta get with this brotha": game over!!!


I have to give it up to Meg Ryan's orgasm scene which has to me one of my all time hilarious classic scenes. In honor of the high maintenance theme, I can't prepare anything high maintenance, gotta be me and do the opposite, but when you know how to set a cool table and present a dish it really looks very high maintenance. I call it my "Low Maintenance that thinks it's high maintenance" Lemon Garlic Tilapia................


The "Low maintenance that thinks its high maintenance" Lemon Garlic Tilapia


The "Low Maintenance"
Lemon Garlic Tilapia

4 Tilapia filets

1 organic lemon

1 tbsp organic grass fed butter (do not microwave as in video)

Olive Oil to coat pan (I don't recommend the non stick spray in video), alternately coconut oil

1 or 2 garlic cloves

Pink Himalayan Salt

Coarse ground Black Pepper

Dried parsley or fresh parsley rough chopped

Optional Pinch of Chili Pepper

(experiment with other spices to suit taste)

......see video for instructions



You know, life is not the movies, and the was no way in H-E-double hockey sticks that I could have ever married that woman. However, you can learn a wealth of divinity from the stupidest situations that you have experienced. I do think you actually can truly be spiritually connected to a person, when the real divine energy tells you are destined to be soul mates, and you actually can accept the fact that she gets cold when it's 71 degrees, or takes and hour to order a meal.

When that day happens you realize there is something higher than the trivial about someone else's nature and look beyond it, knowing that your soul mate is always working to better herself for the relationship and she knows you will be as well (that last sentence is key, knowing you have bad habits, but knowing the challenge is to try to improve). I suppose, in theory, the day could come when a woman tells me she is aware of those crazy habits and doesn't even want to bring them to the collective unity of the relationship. For sure I would do the same. That's the point where it's time to sit on "the couch" talk about how we met, and embrace the humor and uniqueness of our individual human quarks................although until then, I'll stay single and just embrace the movie.       ~stay healthy~

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