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Brown Sugar

On the Menu Brown Sugar Recipes
Video Scenes from the movie, "Brown Sugar"

"When did you fall in love with Hip-Hop?"
    --Taye Diggs


"Brown Sugar" is perhaps the most nicely done movies in my personal movie sub-genre of what I call the "Beautiful Black People" movies, that being the scarce selection of movies featuring well educated, articulate, intellectual, upwardly mobile African Americans, with none of the gang-banging, overly intense societal issues, and all the rest.

Most times I don't need all that intensity just because there are black people on the screen. (When I need all that, I just turn on FOX News). Most times, I just want to see a "slice of life" movie, but with people who look like me. Wish they would make more movie like this.

They did such a great job with this script and movie, this movie theoretically could have been shot in Oklahoma with Carrie Underwood and some male up and coming Country and Western artist, about their romance story while trying to break into the Country and Western music business.

But, I'm glad they did it with an urban flava', and truth be told, I don't listen to much Hip-Hop (I'm an Old School R&B Soul Brotha' to the end, with a touch of what I call "Neo Soul", that being some the talented newer artists, i.e., Maxwell, Jill Scott, etc., and a few talented white dudes like Phil Collins and Sting).

Only mentioning that to point out that's why the movie worked, cause you don't have to be a true fan of Hip-Hop or even know anything about it to like this movie. Hip-Hop was merely the backdrop for the real theme which we all can relate to, that being the never ending "Romance Dance".

......and to me, it may have been to silly for some tastes, but Rin and Tin, the "Hip-Hop" Dalmatians, is still one of the funniest things I've ever seen in a movie, I always crack up when I watch their scenes.


Brown Sugar Recipes

....I know this ain't the place for nutrition science, but, I take in nearly zero processed sugar, so a little brown sugar occasionally is no big deal for me. For recipes requiring larger amounts of Brown Sugar, I use the VERY healthy Coconut Palm Sugar, it tastes very near to Brown Sugar


Brown Sugar Wings in Roasted Red Pepper Sauce (click photo below for recipe)                                Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken Thighs (click photo for recipe)


Sriracha Brown Sugar Shrimp (click photo below for recipe)                                                                                        Barbecue (or Baked) Brown Sugar Salmon (click photo for recipe)




This is the part of the movie review (or whatever you wanna call these blog posts), where I normally add my what I call, "Social Commentary", that being whatever deep, thought provoking comment I try to throw out from some esoteric perspective, that was provoked by the movie.

However, I don't have a heck of a lot to say, sometimes it's a great thing to pop in a movie while your mind is in a good place, hug up on the big pillows on the floor with a pretty girl, live, laugh, eat, and enjoy the present moment.

....and in this crazy ass world, to be able to do that, perhaps that's saying a lot!!!

~stay healthy~

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