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On the Menu:  Maple Glazed Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon
Video:   Clips from Boomerang,     Making Cedar Plank Salmon
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"Love ... should have brought your ass home last night" 
 --Hallie Berry


Boomerang was always one of my personal favorites, if for nothing else, a very chic and stylish movie in that "Beautiful Black People" sub-genere, from a couple of decades ago.

Hollywood seemed to have hated it, I suppose because Eddie Murphy wasn't his usual "slapstick" sidesplitting humorous self, but I think the mainstream missed the point, and failed to look at it as an upscale "slice of life", with a group of people, perhaps somewhat visually different than the "norm", but still stepping through that same "romance dance" as everyone else.

The promotional phrase for the movie, as I remember, was "The Player gets Played", as Eddie falls for his boss, played by Robin Givens, and he himself has to run the "gauntlet" of emotion that women "supposedly" go through after they have fallen for a man. Note I say "supposedly" {chuckle}.


I was trying to be a "small time", playa' like Eddie, not so much in personality, that the Playa' mindset ain't my thing. Too much concealed insecurity in it. I'm thinking more that tight bachelor pad of his, where I basically mortgaged my future to live in style in the Lofts of the South Loop in Chicago for a over a decade, starting in back in the early 90's.

You have to be a stereo expert to know, but me and Eddie, a.k.a. Marcus Graham, had the super expensive Bang & Olufsen Stereo system. Although mine topped out at about $10,000, he had the top of the line with the 6 foot tall B&O Penta speakers ($12,000 by themselves as I remember), LED readout digital remote (it even ignites the fireplace, nice!!), his system costing as much as a sports car, topping $50,000.

As with Marcus, when we had a "hottie" over, we both had the main battle plan of impressing with our best Salmon dish. Marcus' was Salmon with rosemary and butter sauce. Mine is Grilled, Maple Glazed, Cedar Plank, Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, and that's how I'm gonna "sling it" in this "Dinner and a Movie".


Maple Glazed Grilled Cedar Planked Salmon


Cedar Planked Salmon

*Wild Caught Salmon Steak or Filets
*Pink Himalayan Salt (AVOID TABLE SALT!!!)
*Organic Coarse Ground Black Pepper

*Organic Terragon fish spice
*Cedar Plank, soaked overnight (Whole Foods carries Cedar planks for a few bucks)

*Optional Organic Lemon Slices (Sometimes I like to grill fish on lemon slices to avoid sticking and add lemon flavor, but it might take away from wood flavor)


See Video for easy 1 1/2 minute instructions




I hate to say it to all my young "Playa' " friends out there, but recently I got "Boomeranged". You know, fall hard for a woman and have it blow up in your face. But after the initial passing the psychological "kidney stone", I got beyond it real quick, I'll explain how in a second.

I realized after getting beyond my male ego, the two personalities were not a true match, just wishful thinking.

See, in spite of my faults and all the stuff I need to work on, I have one truly divine gift in that I'm am always warm-hearted and throwing positive energy at the opposite sex. I never come off brash in normal conversation... never!! Even if a minor slip up, I'm always immediately aware and apologetic. And I'm from Chicago, the capital of brash people (well, maybe second to New York). Even during arguments, I am always engaging, always compassionate, always trying to gently work us back to peace, always forgiving, always sympathetic. Can't think of one time in relationships where I ever got brash or "copped and attitude". (I may go off on her the day I cut her loose in response to months or years of negative energy thrown at me, but that's another story)

I was walking, thinking lightly on all this after I got my "Zen" back, realizing that although woman might be my total opposite in interests and such, but she MUST have that "warm hearted all the time" vibe that I know I have. Most men will just put up with "whatever" just to have sex, I guess we all gotta be what we gotta be. Anyhoo, when that thought came to my head, my mind joked to itself, "Good luck with that dude, that's like trying to find an honest man in Congress".

The very second I chuckled at my mind, walking down the street, this beautiful lady, I see her often in my 'hood, passes me, gives me this "beyond captivating", "warms the soul" smile, and I even get the bonus "Hi how are you doing? (all teeth, lipstick, and smile)". As Randy Crawford said in that song, "It all began with a glance, the Rhythm of Romance". I realized everybody goes after something different, you just have to find out what that thing is for you and be true to it. A big butt? Someone with money? Someone you can control? Whatever works for you, but I need the same "permanent warm vibe" that I give out. I know it's possible, cause I got it, it and it's my greatest gift.

Doesn't matter if I ever get with this girl with the crazy sweet smile (although next time I see her it's "game on"), or if that warmth is totally her through and through or just a temporary female "sales pitch". In that brief encounter, divine energy told me all I have to do is continue to throw my positive energy out, and the female counterpart of my true vibe will ALWAYS come right back to me......just like a "Boomerang". Everything else will fly away, and that's cool............

~stay healthy~


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