Food for Thought: Pinterest shuts down my Pinterest Page because of my Kolin Kaepernick article (…shut me down, but they won’t shut me up)

My first thought was "Whatever….I'm actually flattered, because it's proof I've been onto some truth".

Besides, if the spiritual forces that have me preaching on health and wellness want me to continue, Pinterest can't stop me, because my 'Gods' are stronger than your 'Gods' (or your devils, or whomever is controlling you).

..after investigating this issue further, it's not specifically pertaining to Kaepernick, though the Kaepernick visuals didn't help, but because of the scathing criticism I laid out against the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries, after my mother's gruesome, cruel death from the affects of Chemotherapy, that provoked me to write the original Kolin Kaepernick Article.

But the specific issue, as I understand it, is Pinterest is deleting any Board that is speaking out against vaccines, as I did in the Kaepernick article [read more on what Pinterest is doing].      WTF!!!

Let me get something straight, I'm not a social media or cellphone type of person. I'm only on Social Media to link to my articles and find cool photos, and like any heterosexual guy, to look at a few chicks, I do very little else out there….

…so, none of this is a trauma or tragedy to me. But I must quote the young kids on Twitter…."SMH"!!!

It's just a low down dirty shame the the system is set up to keep health and wellness information from people trying to keep themselves and their families healthy…

…and they wonder why people are taking a knee against this system….Sigh…..

Hey Pinterest, nothing more scary than a strong Black Man coming at you with some calm intelligence, is there? So much easier for you to digest Kanye West acting a fool in the White House.

I don't really have a lot to say on this subject, but I had to write something…

I doubt if I'll ever be a big enough player in this consumer advocate game for these forces of evil to physically "take me out", like the wave of popular holistic doctors that are somehow winding up dead, so I'll keep spreading the "Wellness Word" to the few hundreds that stumble across my site.

Below are the two paragraphs in the Kolin Kaepernick article that got my Pinterest Page Shut down…..


Vaccinations and Autism, the new Black Male Genocide…

"Center for Disease Control" scientist, Dr William Thompson, made an unprecedented admission…

He says, he and associates committed scientific misconduct to cover up a meaningful link between vaccines and autism in black boys. (my mantra, "you know how to 'Google', look it up").


Blacks should not have to pay taxes to finance our own destruction…

As with the issue of Vaccinations disproportionately giving black male children autism…..

…Blacks pay taxes to a government that set it up so Black Mothers with autistic children cannot sue for compensation, because the Pharmaceutical Industry is not liable for vaccines it created

Final note…

If you can't see the game, I doubt if I can make you see it, but there are powerful forces out there that are trying to keep us sick and unhealthy for the sake of profit…

…and in the so called "Land of the Free", they are censoring the health information we take in.

go here to read an article on how Pinterest is shutting down every page who speaks out against vaccines.

go here for my original Kolin Kaepernick article.


Other Reads:

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Repost of interesting links from the original Kolin Kaepernick Article…..


Scientist confesses meeting took place to destroy evidence of vaccinations causing autism in black boys


Wave of Mysterious Holistic Doctor deaths continues….


Holistic Doctors who discovered Carcinogens in Autistic Vaccines turn up murdered


Nearly 60 Holistic doctors turn up dead in just one year


Department of Justice says Black Victims given unnecessary Cancer treatments from false Cancer Diagnoses


Dr Farid Fata caught making millions off unnecessary cancer treatments to black patients in Detroit


~stay healthy~


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Many of these so-called “social” media sites are simply a front for their corporate advertising goals:
Our response to how they treated you was to remove their app from our android & desktop.
Hopefully others will recognize techy creeps like them are anti-social bullys at best


Hey Tang Mu,

Thanks for your comments. It’s obvious big business is controlling and censoring Social Media.

I’m not even mad however. So much is getting crazy in the USA. I’ve learned to not let myself get consumed by it…

Half my reader base came through Pinterest, and I hate to lose those readers, but, if ssomeone is meant to run across my site to get some info to help their lives, they will be led to it with Pinterest or not.

Thanks for reading and commenting

Doug at GAIA Health Blog

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