Studies Surfacing that Electromagnetic Energy from Fitness Trackers might contribute to many ailments, including Cancer

You have to look at this as a "caution article" and an "opinion article". I don't know everything, I'm still learning, and I don't like to come off on the web as the "Guru of Absolute Truth". Unfortunately, the internet won't help you much researching this issue for yourself.

Why? Because profit driven Corporations often flood the internet with counter-studies to show a potentially dangerous product is safe, to keep consumers confused and thus unable to make informed choices, and keep their profits high on their products….

Sigh…….   🙁

There is one inescapable, "red flag" issue I ran across researching Fitbit, and other fitness trackers……

 I found many people writing to Fitbit forums and elsewhere complaining about side effects such as blurry vision, headaches, insomnia, skin rashes, etc. When you do your homework, you'll see there A LOT of people complaining about side effects……..A LOT!!!!

I'm a health cautious person by nature, to this day, I have NEVER put a cellphone up to my head (well, maybe only 4-5 times in 10 years). Defenders of Fitbit and other trackers say that the trackers only emit only 1% of the radiation of cellphones.

However, we don't even know if EMF emission amounts relative to cellphones is the issue, so little real research has been done of the safety of this product, so I personally can't buy that 1% vs. Cellphones logic.

My general belief,  is we have, with Bluetooth and so forth, too many new Electromagnetic waves hitting the body in the last couple of decades, and the cumulative effects of all of them are affecting us negatively. I like to describe it as, these EMF waves from Bluetooth and such, are disrupting the body's natural electric circuitry.

That's my hopefully, intelligently derived opinion. I do know when I turn off all my Bluetooths at night, I sleep better…..

Opinions will vary for sure, but I'm always trying to present a sound case for my health and wellness opinions, and remember, I don't have a profit motive on this site, I'm just trying to do all I can to stay healthy.

My family and friends are main audience, because they are not into researching things like me, they mostly read my website, and do what I do….

What follows is, word for word, an article I ran across on……

…Most electrical equipment radiates some amount of electromagnetic energy or radio frequency, including your cell phone and other wireless devices.

Wearing a fitness tracking device all day on your wrist makes you more susceptible to the dangerous effects of radiation.

Dangers of EMIF’s

Can Cause Cancer

Recent studies have shown that the non-ionizing, microwave radiation from wireless trackers are probably causing cancer.

These have been classified as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Experts in the area of the biological effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and wireless technologies believe there’s virtually no doubt that cell phones and related gadgets are capable of causing not only cancer…

…but contributing to a wide variety of other conditions, from depression and diabetes to heart irregularities and impaired fertility.

Can Cause Dementia

Studies were conducted in a lab to see what happens when subjects are exposed to cell phone radiation. The results suggest electromagnetic radiation could cause symptoms of dementia.

In addition to damaged DNA, which can cause cancer, the studies indicated that neurons in the brain experienced damage linked to memory loss and negatively affected learning capabilities.

Heavy Metal Exposure

Heavy metals in your brain also act as micro-antennas, concentrating and increasing reception of EMF radiation.

Likewise, any kind of metal implants and/or amalgam tooth fillings will significantly increase reception of microwaves, and the mircrocurrents from cell phones and other ambient fields.

Research by Martin Blank, Ph.D., a Special Lecturer and retired Associate Professor at Columbia University in the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics….

….and former president of the Bioelectromagnetics Society,15 explains that electromagnetic fields (EMF) damage your cells and DNA by inducing a cellular stress response.

Linked to Many Diseases

In fact, illness linked to electromagnetic radiation exposure include many cancers, neurological conditions, ADD, sleep disorders, depression, fertility impairment, increased blood brain barrier permeability, mineral disruption, DNA damage, autism, cognitive problems, cardiovascular irregularities, hormone disruption, immune system disorders, metabolism changes, stress.

Take a look at these pictures that show actual wireless radiation surrounding a person using a wireless enabled device. (go here)

Article copied word for word (except for my initial comments) , from an article I ran across on

References (for the article):

International Agency for Research on Cancer, May 31, 2011,
Press release # 208 Epidemiology. 2008 Jul;19(4):523-9
International Journal of Radiation Biology April 2011, Vol. 87, No. 4 , Pages 409-415

Other good reads I ran across on the subject:

Fitbit EMF Radiation: Everything You Need to Know (VERY, VERY GOOD READ!!!)


~stay healthy~


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