Upscale Sustainable Living!!! (Oil Nut Bay, British Virgin Islands)

I think Nietzsche said it best when he said "The Formula for our happiness? a Yes, a No, a Straight Line, A GOAL!!". But, come to think of it, Nietzsche later died in an insane asylum, so I hope this is a good analogy.

Anyhooz, when I was down at Oil Nut Bay Community a couple of years back, when they only had a couple of houses,  and only part of the infrastructure build, but even then, I could envision myself living down here, for sure this would be "my goal", and for sure they had Nietzsche's formula for happiness.

I shot the photo above upon my arrival at Oil Nut Bay in 2011, and I found myself propelled into my own version of "House Hunters International" 🙂

The more I follow this project, the more inspired, amazed, motivated, and anxious I get to get to my "goal", that is, tropical living, in a holistic environment, living in harmony with mother nature, and I'm not ashamed to admit, to still enjoy all the "niceties" of modern, upscale, living. Oil Nut Bay delivers on all for the above, and is calling my name!!!

Seeing so many Caribbean developments falter after the 2008 economic collapse, I thought my "little vision" might not ever become reality, but Oil Nut Bay has kept my vision of Holistic Tropical Living alive……..

Above and Below, The Cliffs Suites at Oil Nut Bay charge into "Green Roofing" Technology, some of whose benefits are:

Reduceing air-conditioning costs, a stormwater management tool, transforming dead space into garden space, reduceing smog and improve air quality, reduce noise, reduce energy demand, preventing combined sewer overflow, reduceing carbon monoxide impact, remove nitrogen pollution from rain, neutralize acid rain effect..and much more!!

Sustainability Through Smart Design

Oil Nut Bay community structures are currently being built to LEED energy standards.

Solar power generates electricity for desalinization plants, air conditioning, refrigeration, hot water, community lighting and more.

Extensive water-management planning includes reverse osmosis conversion and use of collected rain and grey water.

Solar panels discretely installed on rooftops.

Conversion of seawater via a reverse regenerative osmosis process to fresh water for drinking, showering and for use in swimming pools.

…more Sustainable "Smart Design"

Most domestic hot water will be heated by solar energy, with electric heating as backup.

To minimize the amount of electricity used for water production, collected rain and grey water from sinks, showers, and other non-salt water waste sources are collected and treated for use in watering the landscape.

Road, pathway, dock and landscape lights are solar-powered.

Carefully developed and constructed underground utilities network throughout ensures no interference to land and sea.

Below: Oil Nut Bay's Environmental Friendly resort core service building which houses two desalination plants, waste water treatment facility, commercial laundry facilities, food and beverage warehouse, mechanical workshop and on-site engineering.

(below)  Construction of the blue-tinted solar arrays that will cover the Distribution Center and storage buildings. This location receives sunlight for 8 hours each day which makes it an ideal location

(above and below) Getting ready for Community Organic Garden In addition to trial crop beds, planting has begun on first phase of Caribbean fruit trees, including citrus, mango, sugar apple and tamarind.

"The Future" !!!  Environmentally Friendly Infrastructure

Oil Nut Bay carefully developed and constructed a utilities network of robust power, water and telco networks that would not intrude or interfere with the surrounding land and sea.

The end result is a quietly powerful and state-of-the art infrastructure that respects the environment and minimizes its imprint on the land.

"Back to the Future" (The Future of Holistic Living)

State of the art underwater and in-ground electric power distribution systems. This network can generate 2MW of power

—enough total power to keep every electrical device, light and appliance at Oil Nut Bay on and fully-powered in over 100 homes, at the same time.

"In the abundance of water, [only] the fool is thirsty" –Bob Marley

Two on-site reverse osmosis systems, they are producing fresh water from salt water. This fresh water is then supplied to all Oil Nut Bay home sites through a system of underground pipes that use strategically placed pumps and header tanks to regulate water pressure.

To help conserve water, rainwater is collected from roofs for landscaping and irrigation needs.


Twitter and Facebook in the Islands, no problem….

Work with leading telco partners from around the globe keeps the island connected—accommodating landline telephones, cell phones, internet and broadcast television.

And if you must get some work done down here, there is even a state of the art conference room with all necessary communications to, as we say, "Handle Your Business".

Oil Nut Bay uses a fleet of electric carts carts

…….that offer zero emissions and personal fun. There are no automobiles!!!!

Roads and trails cut in the Oil Nut Bay community are not visible from the water (trust me, it's true), in that the visual appeal of the land is unbroken by the roads, part of a well thought out design that keeps the environment as pristine as possible

Raising "Environmentally Friendly Kids"

Obviously, the Oil Nut Bay Development knows that the future of the earth itself depends on a new consciousness from the next generation.

That's why Oil Nut Bay is participating in "starting 'em young", by building the so called
Nut House Kid's Club and Nature Center. While parents may want to sip a margarita at the communal Beach Club, their children have the opportunity to expand their horizons through a variety of educational encounters.

below: inside the recently completed kids "Nut House" at Oil Nut Bay

Community Stewardship Organization

As part of its ongoing dedication to the BVI, Victor International is proud to engage people and communities by embracing and protecting the environment, encouraging environmental stewardship, and by providing ecological, scientific, and educational opportunities to the residents of Oil Nut Bay.

Preserve, protect and conserve the environment

A portion of all sales of new and existing properties will be donated to the foundation for the entirety of the  Community Stewardship Organization project.

The mission of the CSO is to preserve, protect and conserve environmentally sensitive property at Oil Nut Bay, and to mitigate the negative effects of Oil Nut Bay on ocean life, wildlife and native habitats by:

** Educating the community
** Conserving, managing and restoring the environment, including environmental remediation
** Creating research opportunities for environmental learning
** Developing and monitoring the native habitats
** Managing recreational activities and facilities
**Coordinating and interacting with appropriate governmental organizations
**The installation of a new waste water treatment plant enabling us to process all of the resort sewage water into additional gray water for irrigation purposes.

David Johnson's AMAZING Vision

When I was taking my tour of Oil Nut Bay, having lunch with my tour guide, Jen Jenkins, eating a hearty sandwich overlooking the crashing waves near Pajaros Point at the very end of the Oil Nut Bay 400 acres, she mentioned to me that David Johnson was at his recently purchased Biras Creek, adjacent to the Oil Nut Bay Land, and near the newly completed  YCCS Marina,  on that very day I was there, and she said I could meet him if I wanted. I turned her down, preferring to meet Dave when I had "check in hand" and ready to buy. 

David Johnson, head of Victor International created other environmentally friendly communities, namely,  Bay Harbour Michigan, and Turtle Lake in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

2 photos above and 2 photos below. The social "Hub" of the Oil Nut Bay Community, the Beach Club

A professional environmental team……

……is led by Larry Oswald. Today, Dr. Oswald is funneling his passion for conservation, recycling and renewable energy generation into Oil Nut Bay.

North Sound Foundation….

…was started to provide assistance to nonprofit cultural, educational, environmental, health and human service organizations throughout the North Sound (North Sound is an area of Virgin Gorda Island in the British Virgin Islands)

Room to Breathe!!!

Fifty percent of the land at Oil Nut Bay is designated as "Open Space" where the residents and visitors are "Free to Roam", hike, walk, picnic, cycle, bird watch….you know, the thing we Americans seldom get to do…just "Breathe".

It is also worth noting……

…….. that although David Johnson and Oil Nut Bay could have parceled the land into up to 300 plots, they cut it down to 88 homesites, as David Johnson put it "Less is More".

(above and below)

The new Spa at Oil Nut Bay. I actually have no clue what women are doing when they are up in a Spa, for all I know, they are eating pizza, drinking beer, and watching football up in there !!!!!

…but when I'm living down there, it will be the cool, Hip-Hop, Mr. Darcy thing to to, that is, to treat the ladies to a Spa session when they first come down, so they can wind down to "Island Time" …YA MON!!!! 🙂

Wellness and Fitness, Caribbean Style!!!

On Land Activities range from Hiking Trails, Cycling, Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Soccer, and beach games such as ladder golf, corn hole, bocce ball, volleyball, soccer and football.

Or, working out a the Oil Nut Bay fitness facility, and as shown below, something I have to try (if the water is not too deep {chuckle} ), water yoga.

Below: some lucky buyer's cool design…..NICE!!!!

(above and below) Bringing back the "Art Form" of taking a bath, at the Cliff Suites!!

p.s., I got a whole playlist on my iPod, just for sitting in that bathtub above 🙂


(Next 5 Photos) Photos of Ridge Villa #4. The first one I snapped when I was down there, when they gave me  a tour of the villa while it was under construction I felt like I was in an episode of "House Hunters International"


…..this first one I snapped when I was taking a tour , I remember the sea breeze was so cool and fresh 🙂

…..and the finished product, NICE!!!


Below: Me, on the "High Ground" at Oil Nut Bay

My "Little Vision" within the "Big Vision"

I always joke to myself, "I just need break off a piece of this amazing vision", as my "little vision".

My goal is to have an Organic Orchard where everyone in the community can come and take of its bounty. With the success of Good Moon Organic Farm on the main island of Tortola, I won't have to start from scratch.

"The Formula for our happiness? a Yes, a No, a Straight Line, A GOAL!!"Nietzsche


"Life Well Played, Oil Nut Bay………Life Well Played!!!"

photos and much descriptive text in this article from [with their permission]  the Oil Nut Bay Website

….and the Oil Nut Bay Facebook Page



~stay healthy~


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