A Message to my African American Readers: Understanding how our biochemistry may not be compatible with Western medicine

I think this entity called God, or Allah, or the Tao, or whatever we choose to call it, speaks to all of us in various ways. For me, I get the gift of simple logic. Not very dramatic like a burning bush, but whatever works.

Growing up watching my mother and all 7 of her sisters get cancer one by one, 6 of the 8 dying from it, mom and 1 sister surviving, I remember praying for some insight to all this illness in my family, as well as all the illness in my all-African American neighborhood in suburban Chicago.

In my ongoing "just because I enjoy it" research, I have been running across a lot pertaining to African Americans and disease that makes so much logical sense to me, almost eerily so. In reality, Western medicine is not really designed for people of color because of the biochemical differences between darker skinned peoples and others. Think of it in terms of, for example, women's healthcare [in general], is not designed for men.

I'm still in rehab from my overly scientific and overly analytical nature, I think I do a good job of holding it back in my "easy on the eyes" blog, So, I am going to keep it very concise.

The  issue that I keep running across in my "driven by who knows what" ongoing wellness research is termed the "Biochemistry of Melanin in African Peoples". I think we all know at least in general melanin is associated with darker skin,  although it is in many organs in the body as well. To put it in one or two sentences, the science of African biochemistry is based on the melanin molecule which is dominant in Africans. 

Western health science is based on Caucasian body chemistry, and is incompatible with the African body type. Short Story Long, when melanin becomes toxic, it adversely affects that biochemistry, and the individual with toxic melanin becomes susceptible to a host of diseases.  How does melanin become toxic?  When we eat certain foods that are not compatible with our physiology, melanin is blocked from making the energy exchanges that are needed, and thus results in dysfunction and disease. _______________________________________________________


The Traditional African view on health and wellness is tied closely to Herbal Science and Traditional Food Science. In a sense, they have been doing in Africa (as well as China, India, and other ancient Civilizations) what us bloggers are "fiddling" around with in recent decades, which is to learn, or shall I say re-learn, the power of herbs as healing agents, and foods as medicine.

As much as I am proud of at least trying to present to people the concept of B17, also called nitrilosides as the key to preventing cancer, or perhaps more accurately one of the main keys in an interlocking network of interconnected healing agents, it seems it has been well known for thousands of years that nitrilosides in the diet effectively fight and prevent cancer and other diseases. Remember that cassava, a staple of the African diet, is high in nitrilosides/B17.

I'm gonna stop here, because I could write a whole book on this subject, and one day I intend to. This post is not perhaps so much as to thoroughly inform, but perhaps provoke the mind to think outside the box and contemplate a little more logically about issues such as this. I'm quite convinced that this "God Thing" that we all know exists, and to whom we passionately pray for solutions to these issues, is giving us very simple and logical clues and answers that are all around us, we just need to take a few hours of our lives and look into a few of those things………the survival of the next generation is depending on us.

I'll finish with this quote is from the German born Dr. Albert Schweitzer:

"On my arrival in Gabon ( Africa ) in 1913, I was astonished to encounter no cases of cancer. I saw none among the natives two hundred miles from the coast…I cannot, of course, say positively that there was no cancer at all, but, like other frontier doctors, I can only say that, if any cases existed, they must have been quite rare. This absence of cancer seemed to be due to the difference in nutrition of the natives compared to the Europeans…”

~stay healthy~

anyone wanting to look into this subject matter in more detail might want to start with the following link

The science of African Biochemistry

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